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The Benefits Of Choosing A Public Golf Course Over A Private Course

Posted by on Apr 26, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Private golf courses are typically considered superior to public courses due to the exclusive nature of these locations. However, the truth is, there are several unique benefits that accompany the decision to play on a public course. Below you will learn more about a few of these benefits so that you can begin to enjoy all that the public golf courses in your area have to offer. Network With A Wider Selection Of People Playing golf is often considered to be the perfect opportunity to network with other players and potentially form business or personal relationships that could prove mutually beneficial in the future. Oftentimes, individuals assume that networking at a private golf club is the best way to go because only those individuals who can afford the rather expensive membership dues will be allowed on the course. However, the truth is, limiting the types of people you come into contact with on the golf course is not always a good thing. Many of the community’s most elite members will socialize in the same circles. This means that they will have plenty of time to interact with one another off the golf course. Choosing to play on a public course will allow you to interact with individuals that you may not meet outside of the sport. Take Full Advantage Of The Health Benefits Of The Game While many people view golf as a passive sport, the truth is, playing through a full 18 hole golf course can have significant health benefits. The only problem is, these benefits are often infringed on by the multiple amenities offered by private golf clubs. For instance, private clubs will typically provide each of their members with a golf cart and caddy to use throughout the length of their game. These amenities will greatly reduce the amount of exercise that the player receives during the course of the game. Walking from one hole to the next and carrying your own golf clubs will allow you to enjoy a full body workout. Not only is this good for your waistline, but it can also prove extremely beneficial for your heart and other vital organs. A Final Thought There are certainly benefits that come along with choosing to play on some of the world’s most exclusive golf courses. However, it is important to remember that the beneficial nature of the sport is not contained only within the walls of a fancy private club. If you truly wish to enjoy everything that this sport has to offer, you will first need to discover some of the hidden treasures in your area known as public golf courses. To learn more about public golf courses, visit Chaska Town...

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How To Pick Out An Everyday Carry Knife

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The phrase everyday carry (often referred to as EDC) is used to describe the items, normally tools, that a person carries with them each day. One of the most discussed EDC items is the EDC knife. This type of knife is meant to be carried everywhere, everyday. Because of this, there are particular issues that need to be looked at when choosing an EDC knife. Here is what to think about when choosing an EDC knife. It Should Be A Folding Knife There’s a time and a place to have a large bowie knife, but these knives are certainly not meant for everyday carry. Neither are fixed blades. What you want to look for is a knife that can be folded. A folding knife, such as the Benchmade Griptilian, is a perfect example of what you should look for. It is small, compact, and can be folded. This allows the knife to be carried in your front pocket, or jacket. The goal of an EDC is for it to be easy to carry. You don’t want a knife that needs to be stored away in a backpack. You want something that can be on your person at all times. For this reason, you want a folding knife. It Should Be Lightweight Just because a knife can be folded doesn’t mean it is lightweight. There are heavy tactical knifes that are folders. These are not practical for everyday carry. They will weight down your pants. The better quality knife makers use lightweight resins instead of metal or wooden handles. A resin is strong enough to not break like common plastic, and it also has the advantage of being super lightweight. High quality knives like those made by Benchmade will often use materials such as Valox or Santoprene. It Should Have A Locking Mechanism Be sure to get a knife that has a locking mechanism. This will make sure the blade doesn’t slip shut while you are using it. Some knives don’t have locking mechanisms. These are actually popular in places like NYC where police are zealous in enforcing knife law and will prosecute those carrying almost any variation of a locking knives. However, if you live in an area where it is legal to carry a locking knife, then it is better to get one, for your own safety. You don’t want the blade to slip shut and cut your finger while using...

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Tips To Protect Your Basketball Goal From The Weather

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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the country, and it is not difficult to see why. This sport combines intense cardiovascular exercise with teamwork. Not surprisingly, there are many people that will want to invest in a basketball goal for their driveway. Unfortunately, these devices will be exposed to a constant barrage from the elements, but there are a couple of tips you can follow to help ensure your basketball goal provides you with many years of entertainment.  Invest In A Cover Water damage is one of the largest threats your goal will face, and many people make the critical mistake of taking no steps to protect the goal from this threat. In addition to causing the backboard and rim to corrode, water can also cause the net to shrink, and all of these problems can severely impact your ability to use the goal.  By placing a cover over the goal when you are not using it, you can significantly extend the life of your goal. This cover will repel the vast majority of water from storms, but many people will not use these because they assume they are inconvenient. Luckily, this is not the case, and it is possible to purchase covers that can be applied using a special hook and pole. This ensures you can keep your goal covered without having to risk getting on a ladder.  Remove The Rim During Strong Winds While moisture damage is a prominent source of problems for basketball goals, wind damage is another major threat. Strong winds can completely remove the rim from the backboard. While it is possible to purchase a new rim, this can be a needless expense because there is a simple way to mitigate against wind damage.  The rim on basketball goals is detachable, and by simply removing it when the wind is blowing strongly, you can prevent it from being torn off of the goal. The exact steps for detaching the rim differ depending on the manufacturer, but your owner’s manual will provide you with detailed steps on how to do this routine task.  Investing in a basketball goal can be an excellent way of providing your family with a convenient source of entertainment and physical activity. Unfortunately, these goals can develop substantial problems if they are not properly protected against the elements. By covering the goal when it is not in use and removing the rim during periods of high winds, you can avoid some of the most common reasons for needing basketball goal repairs. To explore basketball goals for sale, click...

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Saltwater Fishing: How To Catch Flounder

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If you enjoy eating flounder with lemon juice and butter, you might want to try catching some of your own on your next saltwater fishing trip. Flounder prefer colder waters, so that is the best place to begin. They aren’t the easiest fish to catch, which is why you need to be sure you have the right bait and tackle.  Where To Find Flounder Aside from preferring the cooler waters, there are some other things to know about flounder migration. Flounder typically migrate toward deeper waters and settle several miles offshore on the sandy bottom. They are often seen lying around on artificial reefs or natural structures. It is not uncommon for spear fisherman to find them during winter months. For the rest of the year, catching them will take more traditional fishing methods. The best time to find flounder is during their migration in the fall months. During this time, they are starting to move from the river or creek and into the ocean where they can find better depths. This is a great way to find them before they are done migrating. Choosing The Right Tackle To catch flounder, you want to choose a line that is large enough for the larger species of flounder, but small enough that it is at least partially invisible. Flounder can be a shy fish and will not go for line that is too obvious. For your fishing rod, grab a taper casting rod with a semi-fast motion that has a small bait-casting reel. For the tackle, go for a circle hook tackle attached to a monofilament leader, which you will tie to a trolling sinker. These are best for dragging along the bottom of the sand, where you can often find flounder during migration season. Selecting Your Bait There are a few different styles of bait that work well for catching flounder. The first type is a finger mullet which is just a few inches long. You want a medium-size mullet so it fits the hook, but is also easy for the fish to grab hold of. If finger mullets are hard to locate at your local bait and tackle shop, the next best bait is a mud minnow. If you use the mud minnow, you want to change your tackle by removing the sinker and tying a jig head to the leader instead. Keep in mind that when a flounder strikes, you won’t feel a heavy pull on the road. You must remain completely still, because when a flounder grabs onto the bait, there is only a small amount of pressure. This is when you want to start pulling up the fish. You can always find the supplies you need for a successful fishing trip at a shop like Wilcox Bait...

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Top Gifts For Your Favorite Lacrosse Coach

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Do you or your children play lacrosse? Are you looking for a suitable gift for your favorite lacrosse coach? As the holidays rapidly approach, you may be struggling to find the perfect gift. This list will give you some ideas for the next time you stop by one of your local lacrosse stores: New lacrosse stick: Your coach may already have his or her own stick, but another one would likely be appreciated. You can pick up a new and modern stick at one of your favorite lacrosse stores, or you can search auction sites for a vintage stick. Vintage lacrosse sticks can make beautiful decorations, especially if paired with other vintage lacrosse gear.  Lacrosse jersey: Do you know what your coach’s favorite professional lacrosse team is? If so, a lacrosse jersey from their favorite team is always appropriate. If you can find one autographed by their favorite player, that will make your gift even more meaningful and special.  Lacrosse calendar: If your local lacrosse shop doesn’t have calendars, there are many sites online that will let you design your own. Include pictures of their favorite players and team logos. If you can, include dates of upcoming big games or other important lacrosse dates. Team socks: Coaches spend a lot of time on their feet, meaning that they end up wearing through socks fairly quickly. Ordinary everyday socks would be an uninspired gift, but comfortable socks from the lacrosse shop with their favorite team logo on them are sure to be appreciated. Consider giving them multiple pairs so that they’ll always have comfortable socks available. Signed team photo: Have everyone on your lacrosse team get together for a team photo. Put it into a picture frame with wide edges so that everyone can sign it in permanent marker. To make sure that the permanent marker won’t accidentally get rubbed off, choose a frame that is wood instead of metal or plastic. After everyone has signed the frame, add a coat of shellac or varnish to help prevent the signatures from wearing off or fading. Gift certificate: If none of these gift ideas seem appropriate for your coach, you can always go with the tried and true standby of buying them gift certificates or gift cards at your local lacrosse stores. This will let them to choose their own gear, allowing them to pick out whatever it is that they need the most. For more information,...

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Two Safety Tips For Homes With Guns

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There are millions of homeowners that keep at least one gun in the house. Whether these devices are intended to be used for hunting or personal protection, it is vital for individuals to take every precaution when using or owning firearms. Unfortunately, some gun owners may not realize that there are a couple of safety tips that can help them and their families avoid some common issues experienced by gun owners.   Enroll Everyone In The House In a Gun Safety Course Gun accidents account for a shocking number of injuries and accidental deaths, but this does not mean that you have to expose your loved ones to these risks. Often, these incidents are the result of individuals not following sound safety practices. Yet, when individuals have never been around firearms before, they may not know much about gun safety.  To mitigate this problem, everyone that will be around the gun should be enrolled in a comprehensive safety course. During these courses, participants will learn about gun maintenance, safety and many common myths about firearms will be dismissed. While attending classes can seem like an inconvenient chore, it can provide the training needed to keep your family members safe.  Use Safety Equipment When Firing The Gun Some individuals are not aware of the injuries that can occur from firing a gun. When you pull the trigger and fire the gun, a tremendous sound is generated. Over time, being exposed to these sounds can severely degrade a person’s ability to hear. To avoid this type of hearing loss, you should always wear ear plugs when you will be shooting, and while they may not be stylish, they can preserve your hearing. In addition to the loud sounds generated by the gun, it is also possible for small pieces of debris to become airborne. This debris can make it into a person’s eyes which can cause severe pain and even blindness. Some individuals may assume that their corrective glasses which protect them from this problem, but this is not the case. Due to this threat, you should always wear safety goggles when you will be shooting a gun.  Owning a gun can be one of the most effective ways of enhancing your personal protection, but these are powerful devices that must be respected. Sadly, some gun owners make a couple of critical mistakes that increase the risk of injury for them or their families. By following these two tips, you can help avoid some common issues that many inexperienced gun owners may encounter.  If you are looking for more information on firearm parts and supplies for sale, click on the...

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Staying Safe While Doing Extreme Sports

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If you are the type of person that likes to try new things, and is not afraid of rides or heights, there are many extreme sport activities that you may be interested in give a shot. It is exhilarating to feel the wind move against your body while feeling the adrenaline when trying something new. When giving these things a try, you need to do your best to be safe. The ride operator will do their best in keeping you from doing anything that would hurt you, but sometimes that is not enough. Here are some things that you can do to make sure you stay safe when doing extreme sports. Rock Climbing Climbing rocks whether on a rock wall in an arcade setting, or a cliff on the side of a mountain, takes skill and dexterity. It can be very frightening thinking that you may fall when climbing, which can lead you to make false moves when under pressure. When rock climbing, always take your time. Look for the best possible place to set your foot before placing it. You will need to try to judge the size of your foot and the distance that the next rock is in proximity to your current location, when trying to move up the rock area. Slow and steady will keep you safer than trying to get through the area quickly. Always use a harness and wear shoes with non-skid rubber soles. Mobile Zip Line When riding on a zip line, you will shoot through the air at high speeds, with the aid of a wire which will bring you to the final location. A pulley is strung through the wire, and you will skyrocket along in the air. It is an exciting ride and is enjoyed by many. When riding the mobile zip line, make sure that you wear a helmet. If something were to happen where there was a fall, you would be at a height that could sustain injury to your head if it was not covered. Keep your arms and legs close to your body so that you do not snag an appendage on the wire or on anything that may be close to the wire when you are moving through the air. Wear proper clothing so that you feel comfortable and able to move around without restriction. Make sure that your harness has been properly hooked onto your body and do not remove it for any reason when in the air. Rope Climbing When going on a rope ride, you will need to make sure that your harness stays on at all times so that if you have improper footing, you will not have an injury. With a harness you will be attached to the top of the area, and with the heights, you will still be kept safe. Keep a safe distance apart from other people that are on the ropes. If more than one person is using the area, wait until they are off of a rope before using it yourself. The weight of too many people can compromise your footing and your equilibrium. Take slow careful steps and plan out your next move before you take...

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