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3 Tips To Help You Convince Your Friends To Take Skydiving Classes

Posted by on Jun 5, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Tips To Help You Convince Your Friends To Take Skydiving Classes

For many people, going skydiving provides the opportunity to cross an item off their bucket list. If you have wanted to go skydiving, but you have put off taking classes because you don’t want to take the big leap alone, it can be helpful to convince your friends to join you. Here are three tips you can use to help convince friends that might be less-than-eager to jump out of a plane to take skydiving classes with you in the future. 1. Combat fear with facts. One of the major reasons why people balk at the thought of skydiving is because they are afraid something will go wrong during their jump, resulting in serious injury or even death. If you think that your friends are afraid to go skydiving, you might be able to convince them to participate by fighting fear with facts. Let your friends know that tandem skydiving is actually quite safe; boasting a safety record of just 0.003 fatalities per 1,000 jumps. Informing your friends that they are more likely to be killed by being stung by a bee or struck by lightning than from a tandem skydive could help you ease their fears enough to convince them to participate in skydiving classes with you. 2. Present the classes as an opportunity to bond. There are many neurochemicals that can contribute to feelings of attachment and happiness between two people. One of the neurochemicals, known as adrenaline, can be beneficial in helping to create a tighter bond between you and your friends. Adrenaline is created when the body faces a fight-or-flight situation (like skydiving). The mutual release of adrenaline that you and your friends will feel as you skydive together will help you create a lasting bond that is enhanced by the presence of this neurochemical. When you explain to your friends that you view skydiving as a way to strengthen your friendship, you may have better luck convincing them to take skydiving classes with you. 3. Eliminate the pressure to jump. If you sense that the pressure to jump is causing your friends to resist enrolling in skydiving classes with you, eliminate this pressure. Let your friends know that you don’t expect them to take the plunge from a plane unless they feel totally comfortable, but that you just want some company while learning the ins and outs of skydiving in a classroom setting. Once your friends see that there is no pressure to engage in the actual skydive, they may be willing to sign up for classes with you. As your friends become more informed about the skydiving process through the instructional presentations in a classroom, they may find they are more willing to skydive than they originally anticipated. Using these simple tips to convince your friends to take skydiving classes with you will ensure that you don’t have to cross this item off your bucket list...

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Serious About Your Range Time? 4 Reasons You Should Switch To Steel Targets

Posted by on May 23, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Serious About Your Range Time? 4 Reasons You Should Switch To Steel Targets

If you spend a lot of time on the range, polishing your marksmanship, you might want to toss out your traditional paper targets and switch to steel. While paper targets are great when you’re just starting out with your weapons, for advanced range time, you need a target that can step up and hold its own. That’s where steel targets come in. Here are four reasons why you should be using steel targets. Cleaner Range Time The worst part about range time is the clean-up. After you’ve had a successful day on the range, the last thing you want to do is pick up all the minute pieces of paper targets that are left lying around. Worse yet, hauling back all the empty cartons and debris that you took out to shoot. With steel targets, you have one target to set up and one to take back to your vehicle. If you own your own range, once you set up your steel target, it will be there every time you want to get in some target practice. Allows for Immediate Adjustment When you shoot at a paper target, you usually have to wait until you’re done with target practice to tell how many times you actually hit the target – unless you’re using a rifle with a scope. With a steel target, you’ll know after every shot whether it made contact or not. The distinctive ping of the bullet hitting steel will tell you that your shot counted. If you don’t hear the ping, you know you have to adjust your shot, which allows you to make immediate adjustments instead of waiting until you see the paper target. Changes Focus of Success Paper targets allow you to measure your success one circle at a time. That’s important when you’re just learning how to shoot. However, if you’ve been shooting for a long time, you might not want to measure your success one ring at a time. With a steel target, you can change your focus from whether you hit close enough to the small red dot, to a hit or miss strategy. This is particularly important when you’re shooting long-range. Wind and other factors can make it difficult to hit a small red dot in the center of a paper target. However, when you switch to steel targets, you can focus on your actual hits. Never Run out of Targets If you’re tired of running out of targets before you run out of ammo – or daylight – you might want to consider switching to steel targets. Once you invest in one steel target, you’ll never have to leave the range before you run out of ammo – or daylight – again. If you take your target practice seriously, you might want to look into steel targets. The benefits listed above are just a few of the reasons you should have steel targets downrange.  To learn more about steel targets, contact a company like RENAISSANCE STEEL...

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Exposing A Few Myths About Motorcycle Rentals

Posted by on May 5, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Exposing A Few Myths About Motorcycle Rentals

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating way to spend the day. However, you may not own a motorcycle, but this does not have to stop you from enjoying this activity because there are rental providers that can supply you with a high-quality motorcycle to use. However, if you have never rented a motorcycle, you may benefit from having the following few misconceptions dispelled. Myth: Your Auto Insurance Will Apply To Your Motorcycle Rental Riding a motorized vehicle can be a risky endeavor, which is why the law requires individuals to have an insurance policy. However, due to the vast differences between a motorcycle and a standard automobile, most auto insurance does not apply to motorcycles. Fortunately, rental providers can allow their customers to purchase insurance. This can be the most economical way to ensure that you are covered by an insurance policy that is designed to motorcycle use.   Myth: You Have To Buy Your Own Safety Gear To help protect you in the event of an accident as well as to prevent you from being exposed to the elements, it is necessary to have some important safety gear for your ride. In addition to a helmet, it is also advisable to wear a safety jacket and leg coverings. These devices can offer substantial protection, but they can be rather expensive to buy. Luckily, rental providers will often allow you to add this gear to your rental. By paying a small additional fee, you can ensure that you have high-quality gear for your ride. Myth: There Are No Benefits To Paying For A Guided Tour Many companies that offer motorcycle rentals will allow individuals to opt for a guided tour. Some individuals may be hesitant about this type of tour due to a fear that it will be overly restrictive and not worth the additional expense. However, these tours are led by experienced riders that are intimately familiar with the local terrain and history. As a result, they will be able to ensure that you are taking scenic routes that are not too difficult for novices and intermediate riders. While renting a motorcycle can be an excellent way to enjoy beautiful sights, this rental experience can be very different from renting a car. By making sure that you know that your auto insurance is unlikely to cover your motorcycle rental, that gear can be rented from the provider and the benefits of a guided tour, you will be in a much better position for deciding if this type of rental is right for you. Visit a motorcycle rental place like Extreme Arizona...

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4 Bug Out Bag Essentials To Grab On Your Next Trip To The Military Surplus Store

Posted by on Feb 10, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 4 Bug Out Bag Essentials To Grab On Your Next Trip To The Military Surplus Store

There are about a million different apocalypse scenarios out there, and for each one, there are a number of different times when one or more could take place. Whether it’s out of a fear of political instability or some kind of environmental disaster, many people feel the need to have a “bug out bag” ready at all times. These bags are designed to allow you to live totally off the grid using nothing but what you can find in the wilderness and what you carry in your bag. With this in mind, here are four things any bug out bag will need if you want to last more than a week after a major disaster, all of which can be found (for pretty cheap) at your local military surplus store.  A Reliable Pack Surprisingly, one of the most common things that doomsday preparers overlook is getting a reliable bag to put all of their survival gear in. Rather than heading out in a bag leftover from high school, try hitting your local military surplus store for a more reliable alternative. Kevlar bags are a bit heavy, but they’re (literally) bulletproof and can survive anything. High-density nylon is also a good bet since it’s so durable. If you live near marshes, swamps, or wetlands, then a dry bag might be worth it so that a soggy tumble doesn’t jeopardize your survival.  A Lightweight Stove Sure, the classic caveman/survival expert will be able to make a fire from just about anything from twigs and string to a pack of gum, but when you’re fighting for survival, speed and convenience are key. These stoves rarely weigh more than a pound and typically run off of lightweight mini butane or propane tanks. It’s important to keep in mind that you won’t need something big, just something that can boil water to purify it and cook food.  A First Aid Kit Whether you make your own or buy one pre-packaged, no bug out bag is complete without provisions for an injury or emergency. Commonly forgotten implements include moleskin for foot blisters, burn cream, and a long scarf or neckerchief for anything from wrapping an ankle to making an arm sling. In fact, the American Red Cross publishes a packing list for a first aid kit for a family of four, which you can edit based on the size of your survival group.  Extras of Everything Shoelaces, backpack straps, butane tanks, water bottle filters. What do all of these items have in mind? You’re essentially dead in the water if one breaks or runs out without a backup. Military surplus stores are great for stocking up on the little things because they’re cheap and always military-grade quality at these stores. Do a walkthrough of your existing pack and check off which items are especially liable to breaking or running out, and make sure to stock up on their replacements. Remember, the preparer who fails to plan is planning to fail.   To learn more, contact a military surplus store like Andy and...

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Vacationing in the Woods? Use These Tips When You Rent a Cabin

Posted by on Dec 17, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Vacationing in the Woods? Use These Tips When You Rent a Cabin

Renting a cabin in the mountains can be a fantastic way to help you and your family relax. Being near a mountain lake or hiking trails can give you some peaceful time away from your regular life. However, if you have not rented a cabin before, you may not know some simple things that can make your vacation that much better. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you look at rental cabins.   Double-Check the Location and the View Before you arrive at your cabin, it is important that you check the location of and the view around your particular cabin.  In your excitement, you might have set up a rental without asking whether your cabin overlooks a lake or whether it is located in a wooded area surrounded by other cabins. Your view might not make or break your entire trip, but it’s worth knowing for sure what your view will be. If you prefer a particular view, it’s also a good idea to ask whether any cabins are available with the view you want. Even if there are not any available when you book your cabin, you can call back the day before you arrive to see if any cabins have opened up. Arrive During the Day You might want to beat traffic and decide to head out to the cabin in the evening hours, but that could present some problems you might not be aware of. It may be harder to find your particular cabin in the dark, and there may not be any staff on hand to help you out. There may also be narrow trails to walk on to reach your cabin if it is located in a wooded area where your car cannot travel. While flashlights can help, being able to easily see where you’re going might be better so that you can move your belongings into the cabin without trouble. Be Ready for Downtime You may like your cabin a great deal, but you probably have plans to do a number of outdoor activities during your stay.  Just be aware that if there is a great deal of snow or rain, it’s a good idea to have a list of activities that you and your family can do in the cabin without going outside. It is easy to skip this step, especially when the forecast promises good weather, but things can always change. Bring a few new board games or books so that if you must stay in your cabin for a while, there are things to do. With the tips in this article, you’ll be able to have a great time in your rented cabin. Be sure to talk to companies like Sunburst Cabins if you have any further questions or...

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Two Simple Football-Themed Food Ideas For Your Game-Day Party

Posted by on Oct 22, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Two Simple Football-Themed Food Ideas For Your Game-Day Party

If you’re an avid football fan, you probably start planning your weekly game-day parties as soon as the NFC or AFC football schedule becomes available. Unfortunately, with 16 regular-season games, play-off games, and the Super Bowl, it’s easy to run out of food ideas for your game-day gatherings quickly. So check out these two simple, fun food ideas to make your football party memorable. Pigskin Pizza Pockets To make football-shaped pizza pockets, all you need is a football-shaped cookie cutter, a knife, a fork, packaged pastry dough, marinara sauce, and your favorite pizza toppings. Preheat your oven to 375 degree Fahrenheit. Use your cookie cutter to cut football shapes out of your pastry dough. You need two “footballs” for each pizza pocket. Set one pastry football on a cookie sheet, and lay your favorite pizza toppings, such as mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and black olives, on top of it. Make sure you leave some space around the edges. Place your second pastry football over top of your pizza ingredients, and then, firmly press down around the edges with a fork to seal them. Slice “laces” into the top of your football-shaped pastries with your knife. Repeat the process with your remaining ingredients. Place the cookie sheet in the oven, and bake your pizza pockets until they turn golden brown. Fill a small dish with marinara sauce, and place the dish on the center of your serving plate. Place your pigskin pizza pockets around the dish filled with marinara dipping sauce to serve. Football-Shaped Cocoa Rice Crispy Treat To make a football-shaped cocoa rice crispy treat, you need: Nonstick cooking spray Football-shaped cake pan 2 10-ounce bags of regular marshmallows 12 cups of cocoa rice crispy cereal 6 tablespoons of margarine 2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder White fondant Spray your football-shaped cake pan with nonstick cooking spray. Place your marshmallows and butter in a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave the ingredients until they are melted. Make sure you watch the ingredients carefully while they are melting so that they don’t start to brown. Stir the cocoa powder into the melted ingredients until the mixture is combined well. Add the cereal to the mixture. Then, put margarine on your hands, and use your hands to mix the cereal into the other ingredients. Pack the mixture into your football-shaped pan, and set the pan in the refrigerator to harden. Once your football-shaped rice crispy treat is hard, remove it from the pan and place it on a serving plate. Cut white fondant pieces and place them on top of the rice crispy sheet to create the football’s laces and the bands around the tips of the ball. When you’re making food for game day, recipes that are quick and easy to make are ideal. This way, you can enjoy the game with your friends, and you aren’t stuck in the kitchen all...

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Learn How To Use A Shotgun As A Great Form Of Home Protection

Posted by on Aug 30, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Learn How To Use A Shotgun As A Great Form Of Home Protection

Many people view shotguns as only being useful for hunting. That is not the case at all, though. Shotguns can be great forms of home defense. The following guide walks you through a few things to take into consideration when you purchase a shotgun for home protection. Low-Recoil Shotgun When you go to buy a shotgun, you want to be sure that you choose one that has as little recoil as possible. When you shoot the gun, it will push back against your body. If the gun is not a low-recoil shotgun, it could be quite painful when the gun hits your shoulder or hip, depending on where you are shooting from. There are recoil reducing devices that you can add to the butt of the gun to reduce the amount of recoil that you feel, as well. Bird Shot Ammunition Bird shot ammunition is the best ammunition to use when using a shotgun for home defense. Bird shot ammunition consists of a shell that is filled with small lead pellets that shoot out in a wide spray so that you will cause damage to any intruder that comes into your home, regardless of how good your shot is. Ensure Safe Use When you buy a shotgun, you need to take the time to practice shooting it to ensure you are prepared if an incident does occur. If there are any other adults in the home that may have to be in charge of the home defense when you are not home, be sure that they too have practice firing the weapon. It is important to practice loading and aiming the weapon to ensure that both can be done quickly when needed. Some people find it more comfortable to shoot while holding the gun at hip level, while others feel more comfortable holding it at shoulder height so they can better aim it. Since many home invasions happen at night when it is dark, aiming will be difficult to do because you will not be able to see the sights on the gun. Keeping your family and home safe is important. Once you have learned how to shoot the gun safely, you will feel confident in your ability to protect your family during a dangerous situation. Be sure that the gun is stored out of the reach of children to ensure that no child accidentally fires the weapon and hurts themselves or someone else. Contact a company like Miller’s Gun Center Inc for more...

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Whitetail Deer Hunting: 3 Mapping Tools Essential to Your Success

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Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned professional, you must scout your areas before you can head to an area to hunt. Otherwise, you are leaving yourself wide open to surprises. While some of them may be good, most of them will likely be bad and result in you leaving your adventure without a single piece of game. Most people go to the area directly to scout it. However, if you’re planning on hunting out of state or in an area that is too far to simply go and scout, you need to use online mapping tools to your advantage. Here are three different types and what they do for you as a hunter. Aerial Maps With an aerial map, you get to look at the ground below from above. You get a clear bird’s eye view of the property. This allows you to see the cover, water sources, crops, trails, and even some topography. Try to find an online map that will give you a 3D rendering of the area as well as the ability to view the land from various viewpoints. An aerial map allows you to identify potential sleeping areas, food sources, and funnels. You can even use a map like this to help determine a few areas that look good enough for your stand. Topographic Maps Topography refers to ridges, hills, valleys, and the like. It can be extremely helpful to know if this type of terrain is on your property where you plan to hunt. An online topographic map will allow you to see various changes in the elevation and help you detect features in the terrain that may funnel the movement of the deer. You can locate high ground in the swamps, ridgelines, and even saddles, all of which can help you identify how the deer will most likely travel across the land. Geographic Information System (GIS) Maps This type of map is probably one of the most interesting for deer hunters, and the most beneficial. GIS maps outline the lay of the land. In other words, you can view property borders, information about the landlord, acreage amounts as well as many other property-related data. This is crucial information if you are trying to locate land to request permission to hunt on. Aside from that, GIS maps can help you determine the acreage measurement of a certain area, such as a food plot or other area on your hunting property. If you want to be successful this whitetail deer hunting season, you must scout the area. However, as evidenced above, it doesn’t mean you have to be there in person. Use one or all three of these mapping tools and significantly increase your chances of shooting a deer this...

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Swimming Pools in Small Yards

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Do you have a small yard, and want an in-ground swimming pool? Have people told you that there’s no way you can add a pool? The truth is, you probably can add an in-ground pool to your small yard. Not only that, but you may be quite surprised at the possibilities. Size of the Pool The size of your pool is only limited by the size of your yard. As long as you have enough space to walk around enough of the pool to tend to it, you should be okay. It’s up to you to decide how much of your yard you want as pool, and how much you want for other uses. Location of the Pool Even a small yard will afford you the choice of where the pool should be located. Do you want it to be in the center of your yard? Alternatively, maybe tucked into a corner up against some foliage? Your landscaper will work with you and help you decide how to fit your in-ground pool into your yard. You may want a small covered patio off the house with the pool to the side. Perhaps you wish to keep a grassy area for children or pets. A pool landscape designer is familiar with how to make these things work. They know how to terrace a yard and fit things that most people didn’t imagine would be possible. Shape of the Pool Deciding the shape of your pool is part of the fun. Of course, the size and shape of your yard will help determine the shape of the pool. Some popular pool shapes are Rectangular Shaped Kidney Shaped Oval Shaped L-Shaped Lagoon Shaped Pear Shaped Roman Shaped Crescent Shaped Keep in mind that rectangle can be quite long and narrow if that works best in your yard. There will surely be a shape that suits your yard. Add a Spa If you can fit a pool, chances are you can have a spa too. Spas can be incorporated into the pool space or can be attached. A spa that cascades into the pool adds to the ambiance with its waterfall-like effect. Consider your wants and needs, and if a spa is something you think you’ll enjoy then it’s worth talking about. Once again, you may be pleasantly surprised at how well small spaces can be used. The fact that your yard is small affords you some nice benefits. Small pools are less expensive and easier to maintain than large pools. Talk to a professional like Yandle’s Splash Time Pools for more...

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Tips For The New Antique Firearm Collector

Posted by on Jun 3, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tips For The New Antique Firearm Collector

Collecting antique guns can be a fun hobby, especially if you’re passionate about it. But it can also be a challenge. With so many types of antique guns out there, it can be overwhelming sometimes to sort through it all. Luckily, there are a few tips that can help you navigate the process if you’re just getting started. Here’s a look at some guidelines you can follow to avoid investing in a gun that’s either not a good fit for your collection or not actually an antique. Know What You’re Looking For If you just decide that you’re going to collect antique guns in general, you’re more likely to find yourself looking at pieces that are potentially not antiques. After all, one of the keys to a good collection is knowing exactly what you have and why you have it. Instead of such a blanket decision, consider many of the types of antique guns that are available and choose the style that best fits your interests. Perhaps you like a specific manufacturer’s firearms, or you like a certain type of gun. By narrowing down your collection to just the ones that interest you, it allows you to focus your research and refine your knowledge about those firearms. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for when you start shopping the auctions and the local antique firearms dealers. Some of the things to focus on include distinct markings from the time period, certain manufacturing techniques or other unique identifiers that you can look for. These subtle indicators will help you spot the firearms that belong in your collection and avoid investing in ones that just don’t fit. Know What They Sell For One of the best ways to ensure that you get your firearms for a fair price is to know what they are selling for in the current market. To do this, you’ll want to watch some auctions. Visit a few live auctions in your area and watch for the types of firearms that you like to collect. Observe the bidding and see if you notice any trends in the sale prices for these items. You should also monitor some online sales, because the pricing may be different and you might find that you can get better deals locally than online or vice versa. In either case, watching these types of sales will help you to understand the basic pricing for these types of firearms so that you can be confident in the fair prices that you’re willing to pay for that next piece you want to add to your collection. Skip the Bidding War It’s easy to get caught up in the moment at an auction, especially if you see a piece that you’re really interested in. Unfortunately, this can lead to intense bidding wars between buyers. If someone else at the auction is driving the price up, don’t participate. Even if you win, all you’ve succeeded at doing is costing yourself far more for that firearm than you should have. Know how much it’s worth before you bid, and if the bidding exceeds that value, don’t let the bidding wars drag you in. For more information, contact Lock’s Philadelphia Gun Exchange or a similar...

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