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Tips for Safely Carrying a Concealed Weapon in a Crowded Public Area

When you’re licensed to carry a concealed firearm, you might feel safer when you choose to carry it in public areas. At the same time, however, it can be a little unnerving to have a firearm on your body when there is a thick crowd of people around you, and some people might even occasionally be bumping into you. If you’re not used to this environment but will soon be experiencing it and have chosen to carry your firearm, there are a number of strategies that can make you feel secure, avoid people from being scared if they detect you have a handgun and even prevent criminals from attempting to take the weapon from you.

Choose The Right Holster

Part of your responsibility when carrying a concealed weapon in public is to do so subtly; it can create panic, as well as hassles for you, if someone is able to tell that you have a weapon on your body. For this reason, a hip holster isn’t the best choice if you’re in an environment in which people may inadvertently bump into you, as they’d be able to detect the presence of a weapon. An ankle holster can be preferable, as no one is apt to make contact with your ankles. You might also wish to consider a shoulder holster under a jacket, as you can cover the firearm with your upper arm so that no one can feel it in the event of inadvertent contact.

Survey The Space

When you’re approaching a crowded area, it’s advantageous to first survey the space and choose a path where you’re least likely to be bumped into. Obviously, this can be easier said than done in certain environments. However, walking along the edge of the crowd, for example, instead of going straight through, can reduce your likelihood of accidental contact with someone else.

Keep Your Hands Free

Part of the reason you want to keep your weapon hidden is so people with criminal intent don’t attempt to snatch it from you and disappear into the crowd. In addition to keeping an eye on your surroundings, it’s also smart to keep your hands free. This means you shouldn’t hold hands with someone you’re with, carrying a child on your back or shoulders or even carry shopping bags, for example. Try to avoid placing your hands in your pockets, too, as doing so can delay your ability to respond if you need to act quickly. Taking a class from a licensed firearms instructor can help you feel confident with the above tips and more.

For more information or advice, consider enrolling in pistol classes.