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How To Choose The Perfect Wakeboard

Are you an enthusiast of outdoor sports? Are you tired of renting or borrowing a wakeboard and now you want to get one of your own? Owning a wakeboard can be a great way to take your wakeboarding enthusiasm to the next level. Even if the rental shop has no wakeboards available and you wouldn’t be able to find any to borrow, you’ll still be able to participate in wakeboarding activities. But even though you may be a fan of the sport, you may still find yourself confused when it comes time to pick out a board. Some things you should take into consideration are:

Weight of rider(s): Generally speaking, the heavier you are, the longer board you’ll need. If you’ve already been renting a wakeboard, you probably already know approximately what size board you need. But if you’ll be sharing a wakeboard, perhaps with friends or other members of your family, you’ll need to take the weight of the heaviest rider into account. When you buy wakeboards online, you should be able to find a recommended weight for the boards that you’re interested in. If you try to “make do” by buying a smaller and cheaper board, you’re likely to wind up not having any fun out on the water.

Bindings: When you buy wakeboards online, they either come with bindings or you must provide your own. If they come with bindings, you may be given the choice of open or closed-toe boots. Open toe boots are great if you plan on sharing the wakeboard with people who have drastically different sizes of feet. Instead of having to swap out boots and bindings every time you change riders, the next person can immediately start using the wakeboard. This kind can also be good if your feet are longer or wider than that of most people. However, open-toe boots may not offer as much control as closed-toe boots. Whether you want to sacrifice convenience or control is up to you.

Fin size: A wakeboard that has large fins is typically easier to control than a wakeboard with small fins. The extra surface area touching the water provides additional stability. As you gain experience, you may find that you’d prefer less stability in exchange for being able to do tricks or other interesting moves. When you buy wakeboards online, you can look for a wakeboard that comes with a set of fins. Instead of being stuck with just one size, or having to buy multiple boards, you simply swap out fins when you want to try something different.