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Three Tips For Storing Your Boat

Your boat is likely one of the most expensive items that you own. However, there are many people that may not be very sure of the steps that are needed to prepare the boat for winter storage. This can lead to the boat suffering some avoidable sources of damage. To help you minimize these issues, you should utilize the following boat storage tips.

Thoroughly Clean The Hull

The hull of your boat can suffer extensive wear and tear. This can occur due to the minerals and salts in the water. Also, it is possible for barnacles and other substances to start growing on the hull of the boat. However, a thorough cleaning will help to remove these substances from the surface of the hull. When cleaning the hull, you will want to remove it from the water and thoroughly pressure wash the exterior. During this step, you will want to mix a hull cleaning agent into the pressure washer’s reservoir to help ensure that all of these substances are moved.

Steam Clean The Carpet

If your boat has carpet, you will want to steam clean it. This cleaning will help to remove any organic debris or other material that has managed to get into the carpet fibers. If you do not remove these substances, they can promote the development of foul odors, the growth of molds as well as attracting insects and other pests. Make sure to allow the boat’s carpet to fully dry before placing it into a storage unit as the poor ventilation can prevent the carpet from fully drying. To help keep the carpet selling fresh, you may want to sprinkle baking soda into the fibers as this can absorb foul odors before the carpet starts to smell.

Treat The Fuel

Over the course of being stored for several months, it is possible for the fuel to start to break down. When this occurs, the fuel will fail to ignite, which can cause the engine to become flooded or otherwise clogged. By simply applying a fuel stabilizer, you can help to prevent the fuel from degrading. However, the stabilizers can only work for a limited time, which means that you will want to make sure to choose a stabilizer that will last for the entire time that the boat will be stored. If you are storing the boat for longer than the available stabilizers allow, you will need to drain the fuel from the tank.

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