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3 Tips To Help You Convince Your Friends To Take Skydiving Classes

For many people, going skydiving provides the opportunity to cross an item off their bucket list. If you have wanted to go skydiving, but you have put off taking classes because you don’t want to take the big leap alone, it can be helpful to convince your friends to join you.

Here are three tips you can use to help convince friends that might be less-than-eager to jump out of a plane to take skydiving classes with you in the future.

1. Combat fear with facts.

One of the major reasons why people balk at the thought of skydiving is because they are afraid something will go wrong during their jump, resulting in serious injury or even death. If you think that your friends are afraid to go skydiving, you might be able to convince them to participate by fighting fear with facts.

Let your friends know that tandem skydiving is actually quite safe; boasting a safety record of just 0.003 fatalities per 1,000 jumps. Informing your friends that they are more likely to be killed by being stung by a bee or struck by lightning than from a tandem skydive could help you ease their fears enough to convince them to participate in skydiving classes with you.

2. Present the classes as an opportunity to bond.

There are many neurochemicals that can contribute to feelings of attachment and happiness between two people. One of the neurochemicals, known as adrenaline, can be beneficial in helping to create a tighter bond between you and your friends.

Adrenaline is created when the body faces a fight-or-flight situation (like skydiving). The mutual release of adrenaline that you and your friends will feel as you skydive together will help you create a lasting bond that is enhanced by the presence of this neurochemical. When you explain to your friends that you view skydiving as a way to strengthen your friendship, you may have better luck convincing them to take skydiving classes with you.

3. Eliminate the pressure to jump.

If you sense that the pressure to jump is causing your friends to resist enrolling in skydiving classes with you, eliminate this pressure. Let your friends know that you don’t expect them to take the plunge from a plane unless they feel totally comfortable, but that you just want some company while learning the ins and outs of skydiving in a classroom setting.

Once your friends see that there is no pressure to engage in the actual skydive, they may be willing to sign up for classes with you. As your friends become more informed about the skydiving process through the instructional presentations in a classroom, they may find they are more willing to skydive than they originally anticipated.

Using these simple tips to convince your friends to take skydiving classes with you will ensure that you don’t have to cross this item off your bucket list alone.