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Learn How To Use A Shotgun As A Great Form Of Home Protection

Many people view shotguns as only being useful for hunting. That is not the case at all, though. Shotguns can be great forms of home defense. The following guide walks you through a few things to take into consideration when you purchase a shotgun for home protection.

Low-Recoil Shotgun

When you go to buy a shotgun, you want to be sure that you choose one that has as little recoil as possible. When you shoot the gun, it will push back against your body. If the gun is not a low-recoil shotgun, it could be quite painful when the gun hits your shoulder or hip, depending on where you are shooting from. There are recoil reducing devices that you can add to the butt of the gun to reduce the amount of recoil that you feel, as well.

Bird Shot Ammunition

Bird shot ammunition is the best ammunition to use when using a shotgun for home defense. Bird shot ammunition consists of a shell that is filled with small lead pellets that shoot out in a wide spray so that you will cause damage to any intruder that comes into your home, regardless of how good your shot is.

Ensure Safe Use

When you buy a shotgun, you need to take the time to practice shooting it to ensure you are prepared if an incident does occur. If there are any other adults in the home that may have to be in charge of the home defense when you are not home, be sure that they too have practice firing the weapon. It is important to practice loading and aiming the weapon to ensure that both can be done quickly when needed. Some people find it more comfortable to shoot while holding the gun at hip level, while others feel more comfortable holding it at shoulder height so they can better aim it. Since many home invasions happen at night when it is dark, aiming will be difficult to do because you will not be able to see the sights on the gun.

Keeping your family and home safe is important. Once you have learned how to shoot the gun safely, you will feel confident in your ability to protect your family during a dangerous situation. Be sure that the gun is stored out of the reach of children to ensure that no child accidentally fires the weapon and hurts themselves or someone else.

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