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The Benefits Of Choosing A Public Golf Course Over A Private Course

Private golf courses are typically considered superior to public courses due to the exclusive nature of these locations. However, the truth is, there are several unique benefits that accompany the decision to play on a public course. Below you will learn more about a few of these benefits so that you can begin to enjoy all that the public golf courses in your area have to offer.

Network With A Wider Selection Of People

Playing golf is often considered to be the perfect opportunity to network with other players and potentially form business or personal relationships that could prove mutually beneficial in the future. Oftentimes, individuals assume that networking at a private golf club is the best way to go because only those individuals who can afford the rather expensive membership dues will be allowed on the course. However, the truth is, limiting the types of people you come into contact with on the golf course is not always a good thing.

Many of the community’s most elite members will socialize in the same circles. This means that they will have plenty of time to interact with one another off the golf course. Choosing to play on a public course will allow you to interact with individuals that you may not meet outside of the sport.

Take Full Advantage Of The Health Benefits Of The Game

While many people view golf as a passive sport, the truth is, playing through a full 18 hole golf course can have significant health benefits. The only problem is, these benefits are often infringed on by the multiple amenities offered by private golf clubs. For instance, private clubs will typically provide each of their members with a golf cart and caddy to use throughout the length of their game. These amenities will greatly reduce the amount of exercise that the player receives during the course of the game.

Walking from one hole to the next and carrying your own golf clubs will allow you to enjoy a full body workout. Not only is this good for your waistline, but it can also prove extremely beneficial for your heart and other vital organs.

A Final Thought

There are certainly benefits that come along with choosing to play on some of the world’s most exclusive golf courses. However, it is important to remember that the beneficial nature of the sport is not contained only within the walls of a fancy private club. If you truly wish to enjoy everything that this sport has to offer, you will first need to discover some of the hidden treasures in your area known as public golf courses.

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