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Top Gifts For Your Favorite Lacrosse Coach

Do you or your children play lacrosse? Are you looking for a suitable gift for your favorite lacrosse coach? As the holidays rapidly approach, you may be struggling to find the perfect gift. This list will give you some ideas for the next time you stop by one of your local lacrosse stores:

New lacrosse stick: Your coach may already have his or her own stick, but another one would likely be appreciated. You can pick up a new and modern stick at one of your favorite lacrosse stores, or you can search auction sites for a vintage stick. Vintage lacrosse sticks can make beautiful decorations, especially if paired with other vintage lacrosse gear. 

Lacrosse jersey: Do you know what your coach’s favorite professional lacrosse team is? If so, a lacrosse jersey from their favorite team is always appropriate. If you can find one autographed by their favorite player, that will make your gift even more meaningful and special. 

Lacrosse calendar: If your local lacrosse shop doesn’t have calendars, there are many sites online that will let you design your own. Include pictures of their favorite players and team logos. If you can, include dates of upcoming big games or other important lacrosse dates.

Team socks: Coaches spend a lot of time on their feet, meaning that they end up wearing through socks fairly quickly. Ordinary everyday socks would be an uninspired gift, but comfortable socks from the lacrosse shop with their favorite team logo on them are sure to be appreciated. Consider giving them multiple pairs so that they’ll always have comfortable socks available.

Signed team photo: Have everyone on your lacrosse team get together for a team photo. Put it into a picture frame with wide edges so that everyone can sign it in permanent marker. To make sure that the permanent marker won’t accidentally get rubbed off, choose a frame that is wood instead of metal or plastic. After everyone has signed the frame, add a coat of shellac or varnish to help prevent the signatures from wearing off or fading.

Gift certificate: If none of these gift ideas seem appropriate for your coach, you can always go with the tried and true standby of buying them gift certificates or gift cards at your local lacrosse stores. This will let them to choose their own gear, allowing them to pick out whatever it is that they need the most.

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